Small fish in big pond v/s big fish in small pond

Malcolm Gladwell’s David and Goliath is an awesome book and highlights all concepts in a very scientific manner.

The ideal of Small fish in big pond, remote misses, fact that sometimes our weakness can become our greatest strength is sure to motivate a lot of people who consider themselves as underdogs.

In terms of professional career and our real lives it also gives a lesson not to compare ourselves with anyone and try to unleash our unique talent in a unique way.

By not choosing to be part of the rat race and trying to carve out our own niche in the way that’s suits us the best in an inside out manner is the biggest lesson the book is sure to give.

We frequently fall in the trap of big brands without even recognizing whether the brand is the right fit for us. Look at IT professionals flocking big companies without even realizing whether they will ever be able to carve out their niche or not. All this results is in frustration after a certain period of time when we realize we were not a strategic fit in the first place.

As regards remote misses, it is all about letting your self- confidence reach such heights that make you realize that you are invincible. It is not difficult to touch the ceiling in case we have the requisite amount of self-confidence. A lot of individuals give off their best when they know they have nothing to lose and their backs are to the wall.

Look at the number of people from lower class backgrounds making it big in the field of arts , cinema whereas middle class people for fear of security have to settle for a middle class life and career without giving themselves a chance.

David and Goliath and the myriad scientific truths mentioned in the book are a true eye opener.

A must read…

 Pile on motivation…..