Taming your Adaptive Unconscious to unleash your true power

Blink by Malcolm Gladwell like all his other books is again another gem.

The myriad concepts backed by scientific truths and data points would surely be an eye opener for the readers.

The power of thin slicing to gauge and come to conclusions real fast needs connecting of dots and hence cannot be done in thin air. It needs having prior experiences and being passionate about a topic to thin slice else conclusions can lead to devastating results.

Without having had prior experiences and without having prior subject matter knowledge concluding can lead to disastrous consequences.

Unlocking the power of adaptive conscious by unlocking the door takes several years of practice, subject matter knowledge to connect the dots and thin slice. This unique power not only saves a lot of time but becomes very handy when it becomes a habit.

Power of thin slicing to quick understand the nature of a person can go a long way in helping win business deals, motivate people or take pre-emptive action.

This is why people who can connect dots and are known as industry specialists can analyze situations and see patterns with the bare minimum of data rather than trying to dump them with needless content and going into granular details.

This is more to do with psychology as well since once we achieve success in thin slicing after realizing a pattern it somehow becomes a habit that is hard to let go.

Concepts like fusiform gyrus, temporal gyrus and the use of them in terms of thin slicing come out like magic.

On the other hand trying to take quick decisions on the basis of faulty thin slicing can spell doomsday especially in terms of recruiting the right fit for a company, teams and can cause detrimental consequences.

For those who are already aware of Johari window, thin slicing by means of usage of adaptive unconscious would add more meat to the usage of this framework for solving practical problems.

Pile on motivation….

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