Vision v/s Goal – Sense of Fulfillment

The following two videos of Simon are truly inspiring to the core.

All of the messages that come out of the videos relate to the concept of WHY which has by now become an iconic concept.

These are my take on the interpretation of the messages and relate to the concept of WHY.

Serving those who serve others gives a sense of fulfillment the feeling of which is insanely different. If you have read FISH one of the fish philosophy relates to something known as “Make it Their Day”.

We are so engrossed at meeting our personal targets at work that the short term goals compel us to behave differently at work and home.

In our day to day lives, as part of the rat race we are so engrossed in our own personal gains that we fail to realize that we could have made a huge difference in the lives of others who may be needing our help. In this fast paced life, being of help to others who serve others would for sure give a sense of fulfillment the feeling of which would be insanely different.

This can happen in profession as well as personal life of any individual. The more we preach and practice this inside out, the more our professional and personal lives would be uniform and we need not have to behave differently at work and with our family members.

Success is a feeling of having taken the next step towards realization of your vision.

Vision and goal both have a finish line, for goal this finish line is crystal clear but for vision this finish line is hazy.

All those who have a vision hardly ever realize when they hit the finish line since achieving your vision is a journey which cannot be compared with experiences of others.

There are loads of Type A personalities who are goal oriented and can sense a flow of dopamine on realization of each and every goal, but unfortunately never ever realize that do not have a vision to serve others and hence never ever can achieve fulfillment in life.

Realization of your WHY in life day to day is like take a next step towards the finishing line of your vision. Completion of each logical step would give a sense of fulfillment that we would fail to realize in case we are short term goal oriented.

Pile on motivation!!!!

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