Can work and play co-exist?

The following two videos of Simon are truly inspiring to the core.

My take on how to choose where to work and invest our valuable effort and energy

The correlation of game theory with business is something that fascinated me about the video.

Game theory has a concept of finite & infinite games.

Finite games have rules that are designed to generate finite results whereas infinite games are not designed to generate finite results.

Creative, innovative workplaces focus on the journey rather than short term results. This is the reason in these workplaces not many get a chance to work in.Those who get a chance get a sense of fulfillment because these are places wherein the work culture lacks micro management and gives a sense of accountability to the employees.

Sense of fulfillment that comes from serving others without expecting anything in return is something very commonly seen in these kind of workplaces resulting in a number of role models for others to follow. For that to happen comparison should be done with oneself without thinking about short term gains. Such workplaces create such a conducive environment wherein social animals adapt and learn to engage in the bigger scheme of things.

Companies engaged in infinite games like Apple, SWA, HD do not believe in short terms gains and do not believing in competing with anyone other than themselves that is why they are able to create the unimaginable and unthinkable since for them excellence is a journey. Any work culture like that of Four Seasons Las Vegas, inspire creativity by giving the requisite freedom and respect to encourage and motivate employees to be part of the family and give off their best.

On the other hand workplaces wherein just about any tom , dick or harry are welcomed , are ones who for caring about short term goals and results are filled with micro management and become a pain in the neck after sometime. These are work places wherein people are not able to trust each other and lack a spirit of togetherness.

When such is the case it is but natural to say that work is done only in run mode (for earning a daily living) without any sense of fulfillment.

All those who are indulged in finite games are mired in environments wherein you find a lot of micromanagement blame games since that is the only way to survive is in finding a scape goat. These are work places who focus on ME rather than US and can never make realize the joy of giving in order to get a sense of fulfillment.

So choice of workplace can help us enjoy work while at the same time giving a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment.

Pile on motivation!!!!





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