When social media becomes a menace

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Social media and dopamine

On social media and its harmful influence on millennials the following were my key takeaways:

Any kind of addiction e.g. drinking, smoking or even gambling releases the selfish chemical known as dopamine which gives us a sense of short term happiness. All of these addictions have an age restriction associated with them violation of which is considered as an offence.

Very little do we realize that social media in its various avatars like FB , Snapchat , Instagram with the kind of profound influence it is having in our society is nothing less than addiction in its most severe form without any age restriction.

Social media addiction releases dopamine just like any other addiction e.g. alcohol, gambling etc.

Social media is an amazing platform to connect with an audience when the purpose is noble enough but unfortunately when used in an uncensored fashion can cause havoc in society especially to juveniles.

By means of a virtual platform, with absolutely no human touch, social media entices individuals to enhance expectations of getting results really quick without having to go through toil to arrive at a destination. Parameters like “number of likes”, “number of connections” are misleading since they do not involve any face to face human involvement. When we get results without much of a toil, the expectations increase and along with that impatience.

Impatience leads to signs of depression, anger, agitation and this is a very common sign in millennials when results don’t seem to be easily gettable.

In this age of smartphones, tabs, mobile apps and all possible social media platform, I think the time has come to take a call as to how to go back to the good old days when human touch used to the central theme of all interactions without using means of connecting through any virtual platform.

Even though we live in an age of digital disruption we should all remember that we humans are all social animals who need a society to thrive in.The bottom line is that we all love to be loved by people who believe in us and who care for us. This sense of belonging and togetherness is not possible to achieve through virtual platforms and can only happen when we are able to connect with others at a personal level.

Sense of fulfillment releases a chemical known as oxytocin and comes out of creation of true bonds as against false virtual friendship and connections that social media promises.

Though virtual platforms and social media have brought in revolution in this modern era, the degree to which we need to make use of them needs to be judiciously decided by us without which this can create havoc in our society.

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