Unlike “dopamine” , “oxytocin” stimulation needs a human touch

Dopamine is an addictive chemical that flows in our veins when we are motivated , rewarded etc.This is like an addiction and is short lived.

Consumption of alcohol , drugs or addictive substances or even “social media” as well can stimulate dopamine to flow though our veins.Though this gives us pleasure but it is short lived.

On the other hand , “oxytocin” or the love hormone can only flow when we feel fulfilled for e.g. by doing something selflessly for someone , when we are in love , when we show generosity etc. All these acts have a human touch to it because in essence human beings are social animals and crave for human bonds.

As humans with a goal of fulfillment we should try to exhibit such humanitarian aspects for e.g. generosity that enables flow of “oxytocin through our veins for long lasting happiness.


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