“Purple Cow” by Seth Godin – key insights

Purple Cow , the book by Seth Godin , which talks of doing something remarkable to stand out of the clutter , to me , has the following key lesson. In the age when consumers have too much of choices and too less of time , creating a purple cow and framing a compelling storyContinue reading ““Purple Cow” by Seth Godin – key insights”

Authentic storytelling to create purple cows

All Marketers are Liars By Seth Godin relates the concept of authentic storytelling to creating purple cows(something remarkable).The central idea that resonated with me , in terms of modern day marketing , is as follows: Authentic storytelling by creating frames understanding the worldview of a consumer , would resonate with the consumer, make him tellContinue reading “Authentic storytelling to create purple cows”

“All Marketers Are Liars” – Book by Seth Godin – 3 key takeaways

3 key takeaways are – Now marketing is no longer advertising as it used to be in the era when television ads were dominating.Now marketing is storytelling and production is no longer the distinguishing factor. A great marketer , in the modern era , tells an authentic story considering the worldview that the consumer believesContinue reading ““All Marketers Are Liars” – Book by Seth Godin – 3 key takeaways”