The golden principles that emanate from the “WHY”

The following video of Simon is truly a must watch.

The following guiding principles that emanate from WHY would help us lead our lives in a much better and proficient manner

  • Serve those who serve others to achieve fulfillment – From the video the examples given by Simon to demonstrate this fact is simply mind blowing. This is true in our daily lives as well wherein if we practice this in our personal and professional lives would release the selfless chemical oxytocin to achieve fulfillment. Selfless love stems from serving those who serves others out of pure respect for the individual.
    • In our personal lives the selfless love can be for spouse, kids, parents.
    • In professional lives this can be for colleagues or even the visionary leader who can make us feel safe.
  • Form tribes with people who believe in what we believe. There will be cynical people who would not believe in what we believe but in the end either they will either isolate themselves or join the tribe.
    • Leaders with a vision believe in forming a team of people who believe in what they believe to create the required synergy.
    • The synergy would enable followers to give their blood, sweat and tear for achievement of the bigger objective.
  • Deliberate practice is the term used to associate expertise in a certain field associated with a select few individuals. We have seen evidence of the same in “Outliers” from Malcolm Gladwell as well. By practice we can overcome our nervousness and convert it into a feeling of excitement when the need arises to up the ante during trying situations or circumstances. The evidence of excitement as against nervousness of London Olympics athletes is an amazing illustration of this principle.
    • In whichever field we are , when we love the work that we do , we are fulfilled by the work we do , we would feel excited as against being nervous when faced with trying circumstances.

Pile on motivation!!!!

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