Key Parts of Human Brain

Why should you know these Key Parts of Human Brain?

The coolest thing I have found after reading numerous best sellers is knowledge on key parts of the human brain.

Understanding the orientation of the human brain is a key to developing and honing emotional intelligence related skills, which is the backbone to survive and make it big in this knowledge worker age.

I will summarize these 4 key parts of our human brain.

  1. Neo cortex is the part of brain that helps us in rational thinking while limbic brain is responsible for emotions. Neo cortex helps us perform complex calculations whereas limbic brain can only understand cues or signals.
  2. Hippocampus is the small part that helps in long term memory.Hence any message to be made memorable must target the hippocampus of the receiver to register for a long time
  3. Basal Ganglia is the part of the brain that helps in the formation of a habit on the basis of a cue for any habit.
  4. Amygdala is a small part in limbic part which is responsible for generation of dopamine , the chemical that is released due to self happiness.

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