What is meant by “The 20 Mile March”?

Adopted from Jim Collins’s book titled “Great By Choice”.

10X companies meaning high performing companies have a common pattern of following “The 20 Mile March” growth approach.

By this is meant an approach wherein the leaders in such companies define a growth rate which is ethical , reasonable and not too aggressive.This would mean defining a ceiling and floor in terms of the growth rate.

“Fanatic discipline” is required to be able to peg the growth rate to a ceiling when the times are good.By not falling prey to such enticement would ensure that when the tide is rough e.g. recession the company would be able to be profitable and meet targets when lesser companies would fall apart by the wayside.

“The 20 Mile March” has been a common pattern noticed in great companies which have survived the test of time for e.g. South West Airlines , Intel , Amgen , Stryker etc.