“Will” or “Resources” which to prioritize?

“Will” and “Resources” are the most important components in a game of business.

Investing in “will” and prioritizing it over “resources” needs to be based on a “just cause” and not monetary benefits alone.This may not have immediate short term benefits but when done in the right manner can influence human behavior , lead to happy employees who “love” their jobs and in turn satisfy customers and shareholders.

Since this path is difficult to traverse , finite mindset leaders often tend to prioritize “resources” by trying to motivate workers with short term monetary benefits in order to realize short term gains.This without realizing the long term harmful impact to the organization as a whole.

These points have been very aptly highlighted by Simon Sinek in his book titled “The Infinite Game”.

Shown below are some of the notable differences between the two.


Deals with human elements such as motivation, inspiration, commitment etc. of employees. Is under the control of leadership and can be nurtured Deals with financial metrics. Macro and micro factors that influence resources cannot be controlled or predicted.
Infinite and mostly long-term oriented. When influenced this can automatically take care of resources. Finite and mostly short term oriented
Make this the first priority will always make employees “love” their jobs Making this the first priority will at most make employees “like” their jobs
Cannot be motivated by “monetary benefits” alone Mostly influenced by focusing on “monetary rewards” & “rewards”.
Always the first priority of infinite mindset leaders Always the first priority of finite mindset leaders for whom number dominate anything else

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