Trusting teams

Teams are building blocks of any organization.When there is trust among individuals in a team , people care for each other , collaborate with each other which ultimately leads to high performance.

On the contrary when teams lack trust , results may be achieved at the expense of relationships and a healthy work culture.This may work out in the short term but in the long term may lead to disastrous consequences.

Simon Sinek in his book titled “The Infinite Game” , highlights the difference between “Trusting” teams and “transaction” oriented teams.

The table below enlists some of the most importance differences to showcase the need to having “trusting teams” for playing an infinite game.

Trusting Teams “Transaction” based Teams
Trust based relationships make each of the member feel safe to express vulnerabilities. Relationships purely transaction oriented with no importance attached to trust.
Collaborative environment since trust is a biological constant. Members “love” their jobs. Competitive environment where members are willing to fake, lie and be deceitful for hike, rewards etc. Members at best “like” their jobs.
Nurtured by leaders with an infinite game mindset Mostly nurtured by leaders who are short term goal oriented e.g. having finite mindset
Environment we associate with most of the iconic and high performance organizations e.g. Apple , COSTCO etc. Environment we associate with short term goal and result oriented organizations