Idea Diffusion Curve For a Marketer – What is it?

Gordon Moore’s idea diffusion curve is a very important lesson to keep in mind for marketers.Knowing this helps to position a product and target to specific groups of customers.

There are 4 categories of people talked about here –

  1. Innovators – These are the ones who always like experimenting with new products and take the maximum risk when it comes to trying out a new product.
  2. Early Adopters – These like innovators come a little late in the game but are very open to try out new products and experiment a lot.

Once innovators and early adopters like a product they like spreading the idea virus to the rest of the following groups which may be their friends , followers , family etc.

  1. Early and late majority – These are the ones who buy a product only when the word has spread about the benefits of the product. They are risk averse and listen to the advise of the 1st two groups and buy a product. But they form the mass market share.
  2. Laggards – These are people who buy a new product only when the old product is no longer is use in that age. For example these are the ones who started buying smartphones when they realized key pad phones were going out of the market.






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