Man’s search for fulfillment

Having gone through some of the best self-help books as well as blogs & youtube videos, I have tried summarizing some of the key aspects, emphasized by these wise men, to lead a fulfilling life in the modern age of hustle and bustle.

The following are some of the noteworthy books that I went through, where in the authors have tried zeroing in on these quintessential aspects.

  1. The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma
  2. Start With Why , Leaders Eat Last , Together is Better & youtube videos by Simon Sinek
  3. Fish Philosophy by Stephen Lundin , John Christensen , Harry Paul
  4. The Power of Positive Thinking – Norman Vincent Peale
  5. The Power of Subconscious mind – Dr. Joseph Murphy

Based on the learnings as well as the messages conveyed in the aforementioned books as well as blogs/youtube videos please find below an attempt made by me to summarize some of the key aspects that are the perfect recipe for leading a fulfilled life for leaving a legacy for others to follow.

  • Play an infinite game – Thinking of making a better version of yourself over time without comparing with others. Tune your mind and goals in such a fashion that long term gains are given precedence over self-sided short term gains. We need to realize that there will be times when we win and there will be other times when we lose , what matters is winning in the long run. Develop a child-like inquisitiveness to know by the day and hence learn and gain by the day without being too fussy about what the competition is doing. Live in the present and remove any worry habit since time is short always try to make a difference by doing something genuinely good. Being too stressed up in the wake of competition releases cortisol which reduces the flow of oxytocin the fulfillment chemical, through our veins.
  • Choose your job, company that you keep to feel safe and motivated – Try to be in the company of people who are not toxic and entertain positive thoughts. Being in the company of leaders who motivate, inspire and give us a sense of belonging makes us feel safe and encourages us to unleash our best to achieve fulfillment. Choose a job wherein you feel safe in the company of others and where you are inspired to go to office, love your job and get back home fulfilled. Human beings right from their evolution have always been social animals who crave for having social bonds. This is why we feel safe being in the midst of like-minded people who give us a sense of belonging. These are symbols we seek in workplaces and is the very reason why we make true friends.
  • Serve those who serve others and show generosity – Try to make it a day for someone else if you are feeling down to enliven your own spirits since human being is essentially a social animal who craves for human bonds. Doing well for oneself gives us happiness but doing genuinely good for someone else without expecting anything in return gives fulfillment. Generosity by definition means doing something for someone without expecting anything in return. If this is done with the best of intentions then such actions release a chemical known as “Oxytocin” which is known to increase immunity against diseases and enables leading a fulfilled life.
  • Control the flow of “dopamine” by leading a balanced life – In the age of social media and a hyper mediated world we no longer have sacrificed forming true bonds at the cost of virtual relationships. Once in a while, take stock of your life and try to lead your life the way we used to when mobile phones were not there, social media was not that prevalent. Too much of mobile phone , social media addiction releases “dopamine” which is an addictive chemical and can cause serious repercussions if the flow of the same is not regulated. Waking up with the sun, having healthy food, exercising regularly, spending quality time with family and especially kids are certain aspects we have to give paramount importance to. Practice forgiveness and try to flush out negative thoughts from your mind the moment you encounter one. Our human mind is indeed fascinating, it is a very good slave but a very bad master and hence the habit that we inculcate gets ingrained in our brain.

Pile on motivation!!!!





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