Why “Together” is indeed “Better”

The following is the book for whom I am writing my review.


“Together Is Better” by Simon Sinek is a very nicely written self-help book wherein the emphasis is on winning as a group rather than winning individually.

The way great leadership, wherein the great leader is chosen by the group to make the group feel safe, has been related with leadership during caveman times is truly fascinating. In the absence of a hierarchy of leader and followers, a chaotic system would have made survival very difficult for the human race. During caveman times ALPHA was given first choice of food and mate by the members of the group with the intention that the ALPHA would go any distance to protect the group from external dangers.

This is the basic essence why homo sapiens has been able to able to weather all storms and survive the test of time where other species who originated at around the same time , have become extinct. Getting ALPHA status as a leader came at the cost of having to protect others who elected the human being as the ALPHA.

Severe resentment and ill will arises when the ALPHA is not willing to take full responsibility of the group and is willing to sacrifice others for his/her own benefit. This is precisely the reason why getting qualified and deserving leaders has become such a big deal in the modern age where in the midst of cut throat competition we have lost sight of the basic principles that qualify a leader.

The basic human instincts of feeling safe in a group are traits that human beings have inherited right from the caveman times. Hence we are still driven to give off our best when we feel secure and safe in a surrounding, where we know someone is there to take care of us. The challenge is to find such surroundings and groups where we can feel safe and secure and can unleash our true potential to achieve fulfillment.

One such pointer that can serve as a guiding star to be in such groups is to find people who genuinely “believe in what we believe”. We may not find the world believing in what we believe but once we find the initial few ones, the others who do not believe in what we believe will either leave the group or be part of another group. Once we get and feel belonged in the group of our choice we can do wonders and overcome seemingly impossible obstacles since we feel a sense of fulfillment.

Historically when the human race evolved, countries, societies and communities were formed by having people with the same set of beliefs and opinions. With the advancement of time and in the face of ruthless advancement we have lost sight of these nuances which is why we no longer feel safe in the workplaces we work, societies we live.

Thus long term fulfillment stems from forming long term bonds with like-minded people who believe in what we believe and give us a feeling of safety and security to help unleash our best…..

Pile on motivation!!!!





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