What does it take to be a “LinchPin”

Recently I had the honor of reading Seth Godin’s book named “The Linchpin”.

The book is inspiring to the core and explains how linchpins find it very difficult to survive in stable , banal & process oriented factory environments.

For ages , the factory model of working , where there would be a factory owner(owing machines etc.) ,workers(users of the machines) & supervisors , has been the widely accepted norm primarily because of the security benefits it brings with it.

In developing countries , working in a factory environment for a good brand is still regarded as a great achievement.

A factory environment by the way is one wherein the owner has machine and resources ,workers follow instructions and are PERL(Perfectly easily replaceable labors).Machine would be there , manual would be there where workers have to obey instructions and do work for cheap with no space for innovation and managers have to just manage them to ensure processes are being followed to reduce cost and increase profit.

Though this has worked for many years , in the modern day where the world in connected by internet and laptop can be bought for a mere $300 , people crave for fulfillment since machine(laptop) is not something only factory owners can afford.

Hence instead of sheepwalking , linchpins are born who want to move away from a factory environment and dare to do work which very few people can think of doing in order to achieve fulfillment.

Linchpins master the limbic brain and let their rational brain take charge of the fear , stress of the limbic brain when it comes to taking risks in order to create insanely different things to achieve fulfillment.

The biggest lesson to learn is that in this age of the internet and a connected world , sheepwalking has no meaning if you back your abilities and you are in search of fulfillment from your job.A factory environment and related job is for the faint hearted who are satisfied with the status quo and are not striving for fulfillment from the work they do.

Pile on motivation……

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