Simon Sinek Leadership Lesson – “True Leader is one who shows the destination”

What makes Simon Sinek’s leadership lessons easy to understand is the fact that we can easily relate to them in our daily work lives.

One such lesson is when he says “Great leaders show followers a destination“.

This does resonate with me since this has a relation with our human brain as well. When the destination is clear or a semblance of it is imprinted in the mind of a follower , the human mind is creative enough to reach the destination even if obstacles come in the way of the destination.

True leaders who walk the talk and are “hands on” are willing to slog it out with the followers when they see their team members struggling to find a destination.

As opposed to this , there are other leaders who feel insecure by the day and for lack of subject matter knowledge , make the destination deliberately confusing to the followers. A hazy destination confuses the human mind and inhibits the use of creativity. Traditionally these are leaders who are leaders only because of their rank/position and lack true respect from followers.

As per Simon Sinek , the leaders , who are able to show their followers a destination , are the ones who are able to get the best of their team members and in turn the followers are willing to give their blood sweat and tear & are able to unleash their true potential. This results in insanely productive outcomes.

This being said it must be said that such  leaders are very rare to get and want of such leaders makes our workplaces so suffocating. Most of the times in the presence of micro-managing leaders , who themselves are not clear of the destination , lack the true subject matter knowledge and intrinsic sense of motivation , workers get frustrated and tired of doing mundane work wherein their creativity and accountability are not put to test.

We all are in search of such leaders who would make us feel safe , have courage and guts to show their followers the destination…..

Pile on motivation!!




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