This is what we mean by a JUST CAUSE

Adopted from the lessons learnt from Simon Sinek’s amazing book , The Infinite Game , the following quote outlines what a JUST CAUSE is to stimulate an infinite mindset.. “A Just Cause must be: For something—affirmative and optimistic Inclusive—open to all those who would like to contribute Service oriented—for the primary benefit of others Resilient—ableContinue reading “This is what we mean by a JUST CAUSE”

This is the ideal definition of JUST CAUSE

Adopted from the following great saying of Simon Sinek from his book The Infinite Game.. “A cause so just we would willing to sacrifice our interest for this vision for the world.”  We will never get there.  It is an idealized state.  Leaders are the best way to get there.”

Clarity in JUST CAUSE and its relation to the Idea Diffusion Curve

The Idea Diffusion Curve talks about Innovators , Early Adopters , Early Majority , Late Majority and Laggards. The cleared a JUST CAUSE the more likely it will attract and invite the Innovators and Early Adopters who take risks to advance something that exists almost entirely in their imaginations. With each success a little moreContinue reading “Clarity in JUST CAUSE and its relation to the Idea Diffusion Curve”

These are the five necessary ingredients of a JUST CAUSE

A JUST CAUSE is espoused by a visionary leader and acts as a guiding star for motivating more and more followers. In essence a JUST CAUSE has these 5 essential ingredients: It must be FOR SOMETHING , meaning that it must be affirmative and optimistic for something better in the near future It must beContinue reading “These are the five necessary ingredients of a JUST CAUSE”

These are the ways to arrest “Ethical Fading”

Time is witness to the fact that after the departure of a revolutionary leader , there have been multiple scenarios wherein advent of a finite minded leader has spoiled a company’s culture. Take the case of John Sculley for Apple , Steve Ballmer for Microsoft , Kevin Rollins for Dell —– examples galore. The infiniteContinue reading “These are the ways to arrest “Ethical Fading””

The common thread that binds “Firefox” , “Wikipedia” ,”Linux”

All of “Firefox” , “Linux” , “Wikipedia” , “Apache” are open source platform where contributors freely collaborate and share their work with fellow enthusiasts with a JUST CAUSE in mind without expecting monetary benefits. This is a classical example of how “Intrinsic Motivation” in the modern age makes money , rewards and the Carrot andContinue reading “The common thread that binds “Firefox” , “Wikipedia” ,”Linux””

How Great Leaders motivate followers towards a Just Cause

Visionary infinite minded leaders are driven by a JUST CAUSE or vision for attaining something bigger than themselves. The followers need to understand the JUST CAUSE for them to give their blood , sweat and tear towards the realization of this JUST CAUSE. The most necessary quality in a GREAT LEADER which inspires followers towardsContinue reading “How Great Leaders motivate followers towards a Just Cause”

Why is it critical to pen down a “Just Cause”?

A visionary founder’s instinct cannot be passed on from one generation to another. Only when a vision in the form of a “Just Cause” is preserved on paper , can it be handed down from generation to generation. Like the American Declaration of Independence which is a written statement of Just Cause , a writtenContinue reading “Why is it critical to pen down a “Just Cause”?”

How does an ideal “Just Cause” journey look like?

“An idealized journey of a Just Cause feels like – no matter how much we have achieved , we feel we have further to go.A just cause if is like an iceberg , all we ever see is the tip of that iceberg.” Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game