Understanding the Golden Circle

As shown in the snapshot , the WHY and HOW in whatever we do relates to the LIMBIC or emotional brain which only understands signals. WHAT we do is directed related to the rational brain or neo cortex since this can be reasoned out logically Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why and thisContinue reading “Understanding the Golden Circle”

Organization communication with respect to the marketplace

As shown in the image , the communication should start with WHY. The percolation of the vision should trickle down to the makers of the product so that the WHAT in the product reflects the vision and is able to communicate the message to the end customers , part of the marketplace Adopted from SimonContinue reading “Organization communication with respect to the marketplace”

Why NURTURING of WHY in an organization is important?

Many iconic organizations go through a phase when WHY goes fuzzy. The WHY espoused by an iconic leader goes missing in the absence of an infinite minded successor whom focuses on WHAT instead of WHY.This is shown in the curve where the WHY plateaued after some time. This manifests itself in terms of lack ofContinue reading “Why NURTURING of WHY in an organization is important?”

Why co-founders of an organization need to have complementary skills?

It is not sufficient for a FOUNDER to espouse a WHY and communicate it clearly to the entire organization. A founder who espouses a WHY needs an equally capable peer who knows HOW to run the company and advance the WHY or the JUST CAUSE around which the organization revolves. Thus a combination of aContinue reading “Why co-founders of an organization need to have complementary skills?”

Why John Sculley failed at Apple?

John Sculley was hired by Steve Jobs at Apple & eventually removed Steve Jobs for 12 long years at Apple. John Sculley was great at WHAT to do and HOW to do but was never a person with a vision and hence lacked the WHY. John Sculley tried to run Apple as a business andContinue reading “Why John Sculley failed at Apple?”

Most Organizations that inspire people to “do great things” have this in common

In nearly every case of a person or an ORGANIZATION that has gone on to INSPIRE people to DO GREAT THINGS , there exists this special partnership between a person who knows the WHY and another who knows the HOW. This relationship starts to clarify the VISION statement and MISSION statement of an organization. TheContinue reading “Most Organizations that inspire people to “do great things” have this in common”

What happens when someone who knows “WHY” and another who knows “HOW” unite?

Historically a significant number of great organizations have been founded by partners who were close to one another , one of whom knew “WHY” to do it and another who knew “HOW” to do it. Walt Disney(WHY) and Roy Disney(HOW) were brothers. Bill  Gates(WHY) and Paul Allen(HOW) of Microsoft went to high school together. HerbContinue reading “What happens when someone who knows “WHY” and another who knows “HOW” unite?”