Most Organizations that inspire people to “do great things” have this in common

In nearly every case of a person or an ORGANIZATION that has gone on to INSPIRE people to DO GREAT THINGS , there exists this special partnership between a person who knows the WHY and another who knows the HOW.

This relationship starts to clarify the VISION statement and MISSION statement of an organization.

The vision statement is WHY the company exists whereas a mission statement are guiding principles based on HOW the company intends to create the future.

Bill Gates was the visionary who imagined a world with the PC , Paul Allen knew HOW to execute this vision.

Similarly Steve Jobs had the vision about the Mac and Steve Wozniak knew HOW to give this shape.

The list goes on…The point here is that unless and until there is a partnership between such like minded people with complementary skill set , the true magic on inspiring by innovating falls flat.

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why

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