Why co-founders of an organization need to have complementary skills?

It is not sufficient for a FOUNDER to espouse a WHY and communicate it clearly to the entire organization.

A founder who espouses a WHY needs an equally capable peer who knows HOW to run the company and advance the WHY or the JUST CAUSE around which the organization revolves.

Thus a combination of a visionary who knows WHY and the co-founder who has the wherewithal or knows HOW to run the organization is an essential pre-requisite to build an iconic organization.

Think of Bill Gates(WHY) and Paul Allen at Microsoft , Steve Jobs(WHY) and Steve Wozniak(HOW) at Apple , Rollin King(WHY) and Herb Kelleher(HOW) at SouthWest Airlines and the dots will connect.

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why


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