Understanding some striking similarities between founders of SouthWest , Apple , Microsoft

Apple , SouthWest , Microsoft are all examples of infinite minded iconic organizations which find a mention in all business books for standing the test of time yet advancing their JUST CAUSE over the course of time.

If we look at the founders of all these iconic organizations we see a common pattern in the nature of co-founders

  1. Apple – Steve Jobs had the WHY or vision and Steve Wozniak had the HOW to advance the vision
  2. Microsoft – Bill Gates has the WHY or vision whereas Paul Allen knew HOW to bring the vision to life
  3. SouthWest – Mr King had the vision the WHY whereas Herb Kelleher knew HOW to bring the vision to life

This proves beyond doubt that only complementary skills can help an organization survive the test of time and makes it best suited to play the infinite game of life.

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game