What are the five factors that qualify a “cause” as a “just cause” ?

Simon Sinek in his book titled “The Infinite Game” mentions the need of having a “Just cause” as one of the necessary prerequisites for playing an infinite game with an infinite mindset.

Since a “just cause” needs to be long term oriented to inspire people to be part of it hence Simon Sinek has provided a 5 point guideline that would qualify a “cause” as a truly “just cause”.

The 5 guiding principles are:

  1. For something – The cause should be “for” something that should truly inspire people to be part of it.
  2. All inclusive – The cause should be strong enough to embrace all who would want to be part of the cause by giving them a sense of “belonging”.The true intention of the “cause” would in turn help bring people who are truly passionate towards the cause.
  3. Service Orientation – The cause should engage at least two parties.One contributors & the other receivers.The contributors should be the “go givers” to ensure that the greatest benefit they provide is for the receivers and not themselves.This avoids any selfish motive.
  4. Resilient – The “just cause” should be robust enough to transcend all political & technological barriers.Kodak , MP3 players all became history because their “cause” was for the short term without thinking about the long term.
  5. Big , bold and un-achievable –  The “cause” should be a vision that would apparently seem achievable but with easy step would bring in a new challenge so that the participants would be able to realize that they are trying to achieve something larger than themselves.

Finally as aptly mentioned by the author , very often visionaries realize “just causes” to drive the audience but forget to jot them down and hence these vision get lost.Hence it is our responsibility to properly articulate and jot down the “juts cause” once we arrive at one.


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