Demystifying human irrationality from Predictably Irrational

Demystifying human irrationality from Predictably Irrational

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Predictably Irrational key irrational insights

As you are aware I am a bibliophile and am currently reading a wonderful book named Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely. So this evening I plan to read this book even further for demystifying human irrationality mentioned at length in Predictably Irrational.

This is indeed a wonderful book and mentions THREE IRRATIONALITIES which even the MOST RATIONAL human being will fall prey to:

  1. Decoy effect – When comparing between A and B if a decoy ins introduced for one option say -A, we tend to ignore B all together and allude towards A.
  2. Anchor effect – First impression is always the best impression , and can influence all our decisions relative to that impression.
  3. Gravitational pull of FREE – We agree with it or not , all humans have a natural inclination towards something offered for FREE even though that product/service being offered is not something that we desire.

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