All Great Leaders believe in learning continually

Great Leaders learn by the day to stay focused and humble. The following great quote by Simon Sinek captures this leadership aspect. “Leadership is an EDUCATION and the BEST LEADERS think of themselves as STUDENTS , not the TEACHERS.”

How Great Leaders define “Optimism”?

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s quotes , the following is an apt way of defining “Optimism” associated with all iconic leaders. “Optimism is the ABILITY to FOCUS on where we are GOING NOT where are COMING FROM.”

Winning “minds” or “hearts” – Which is more difficult?

The HEART represents the LIMBIC or EMOTIONAL brain which does not have power to interpret language.It can only understand signals. MIND represents the RATIONAL BRAIN the part that understands reason and logic for e.g – comparison of features in a product and associated benefits. This is why WINNING HEARTS is much more difficult , needsContinue reading “Winning “minds” or “hearts” – Which is more difficult?”

What happens when WHY goes fuzzy?

Knowing your WHY as an individual or an organization is the ONLY way to maintain lasting success and have a greater blend of innovation and flexibility. When a WHY goes FUZZY , it becomes very difficult to maintain growth , innovation and inspiration to drive the original success.In such cases MANIPULATION and NOT INSPIRATION dominatesContinue reading “What happens when WHY goes fuzzy?”

Inspiring customers to buy a product

Manipulating buying behavior from a customer can lead to short term gains , create a desire but can never create LOYAL customers. Inspiring leaders who start with WHY and communicate clearly the meaning of the offering are able to command loyalty from their customers. It is the CAUSE represented by the company , brand ,Continue reading “Inspiring customers to buy a product”

Why corporate communication should start with WHY?

When we start the communication with WHY , the message would appeal to the emotional limbic brain and hence provide the reason to BUY a product or service. The WHAT’s in the product or service would serve as the TANGIBLE proof of that belief.These would then appeal to the rational brain and become the reasonsContinue reading “Why corporate communication should start with WHY?”

Why co-founders of an organization need to have complementary skills?

It is not sufficient for a FOUNDER to espouse a WHY and communicate it clearly to the entire organization. A founder who espouses a WHY needs an equally capable peer who knows HOW to run the company and advance the WHY or the JUST CAUSE around which the organization revolves. Thus a combination of aContinue reading “Why co-founders of an organization need to have complementary skills?”

What is meant by “Celery Test”?

Simon Sinek mentions about this in his book Start With Why. When the WHY is communicated clearly by the leader in an organizations it appropriately acts as a FILTER for all decision making even for folks at the lower level based on the clearly stated WHY. Thus any decision making , hiring , strategies ,Continue reading “What is meant by “Celery Test”?”