The pitfalls of being “Charismatic”

Great leaders know that a strong charismatic personality can become a LIABILITY rather than an ASSET.

The strength of CHARISMA in personality can sow the seeds of PROBLEMS when people FILTER the BRUTAL FACTS from the CHARISMATIC leader.

A great charismatic leader is mindful of this fact and overcomes this by being consciously attentive.

Think of Winston Churchill , his charisma and his fight against Hitler.In order to safeguard against the problem of unpleasant brutal facts  not reaching him , Churchill created the Statistical Office to ensure that these details always reached him.

Adopted from Jim Collins’s book Good to Great.


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  1. Mrs S. Tolbert Avatar

    It’s important so there can be a balance and people can work in peace.

    1. dipsviewpoints Avatar

      Very true

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