Construct of a “WHY” – Lessons learnt from FIND YOUR WHY

We have all come across concepts of WHY , Golden circle , Circle of Safety by Simon Sinek in his books Start with Why as well as Leaders Eat Last.

The book Find Your Why goes one step further in trying to help individuals as well as tribes find their own WHY.

To summarize the construct of a WHY would look like:

TO_________________________________________________SO THAT________________________________________

The First dash after TO is for contribution and the one after SO THAT is for impact.

The contribution relates to something which is not selfish but out of which others around us get benefitted as well.The impact is not in material or monetary terms but the service is does to society to enrich our lives in turn and which in turn would give us a feeling of fulfillment.

There can be ONE and only ONE why for individuals or groups and if we lead our life around the WHY our lives would become much more meaningful and enriching.

For more details I would encourage readers to go through the book FIND YOUR WHY.It is a fascinating book and is sure to enlighten the lives of individuals as well as groups.

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