Extrinsic Motivation v/s Intrinsic Motivation

The insights in this post have been adopted based on lessons learnt from Daniel Pink’s book Drive and Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game

Extrinsic Motivation or Carrot and Stick method of motivation was applicable in the era of Industrial Revolution based on finite mindset.

Whereas Intrinsic Motivation is applicable in the modern day of the knowledge worker to encourage an infinite mindset.

The table below outlines the most glaring differences and proves beyond doubt that Intrinsic Motivation is adopted by infinite minded leaders in the infinite game of business.

Knowing this would make you realize why modern day performance management systems should be based on intrinsic motivation.

Extrinsic MotivationIntrinsic Motivation
Based on extrinsic motivation e.g RewardsBased on intrinsic motivation e.g. autonomy
Short term orientedLong term oriented
Result in Type X(extrinsic) personalitiesResults in long term mindset oriented Type I personalities
Does not apply in the modern day infinite gameIs the best technique for the infinite game
Encourage narrow mindset , unethical behaviorEncourage adopting infinite mindset and long term oriented mindset
Inherently stressfulInherently oriented towards fulfillment
Dopamine shotStimulates flow of Oxytocin
Common for mundane , routine bound and “Left brain” oriented workMost applicable to encourage creativity , innovation associated with “right brain” oriented work
Why Intrinsic Motivation is the way to go?

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