Knowing the differences between “Type I” and “Type X” personalities

Adopted from Daniel Pink’s book Drive.

EXtrinsic Motivation is considered the primary driver behind the Carrot and Stick method of motivating people.Reward for doing routine bound work effectively and Punishment for NOT being able to do the same , brings in compliance and is perfect for a factory model kind of work environment.

Hence Type X  people are short term oriented and are driven by eXtrinsic rewards in order to get work done.The moment the rewards disappear , the purpose is lost.

As against this the modern day age of infinite game needs more Type I people who are Intrinsically motivated for doing social good without worrying about rewards and other short term gains.

Being intrinsically driven make someone realize benefits for the long term , society in general without having to focus on short term oriented microscopic aspects.

Thus having more Type I personality oriented people is the need of the hour.

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