Why is Motivation 3.0 needed in the modern day Infinite Game?

The Carrot and Stick method had worked wonders in the age of Industrial revolution and is still popular with organizations who want to instill fear and get work done out of people.

Such a short term oriented mindset seldom stands the test of time.If it relates to driving results in the short term incentives like the “Carrot and Stick” seem to work but this can never be a sustainable solution when it comes to doing something revolutionary.

Hence the Motivation 2.0 mindset prevalent in the Industrial Age needs to be upgraded like and operating system needs to from time to time , in order to motivate people towards achievement of a long term vision or a JUST CAUSE.

The components of AUTONOMY , MASTERY and SENSE of PURPOSE are components of Motivation 3.0 which needs to be part of any employee motivational program in order to get the best out of employees in the modern day Knowledge Worker Age.

The concepts have been adopted from Daniel Pink’s Drive and Simon Sinek’s Infinite Game.


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