Whereas Motivation 2.0 created Workers , Motivation 3.0 creates Leaders

Motivation 2.0 is a term coined by Daniel Pink in his book Drive to explain the Carrot and Stick motivational methods prevalent in the Industrial Age.This method works best for routine , dreary , boring work that seeks compliance.

Whereas Motivation 3.0 is the new age motivational technique that focuses on intrinsic motivation to provided more autonomy to the worker in order to help him unleash his mastery upon communication of the overarching sense of purpose.

This autonomy is the pre-requisite to get done creative and innovative work which is becoming the necessary pre-requisite for modern day innovation based organizations.

The following quote of Simon Sinek endorses this very explanation of Daniel Pink:

“When we tell people to do their jobs , we get WORKERS.

When we TRUST people to get the job done , we get LEADERS.”