This is a very harmful byproduct of Motivation 2.0

Motivation 2.0 , a term coined by Daniel Pink in his book Drive , based on Carrot and Stick motivational technique has had its origin right from the age of Industrial revolution and worked wonders.

The rationale behind this model was : “Reward good behavior and compliance to produce more of the same.Punish undesirable behavior and non-compliance to ensure compliance.”

This risk-reward kind of a mindset has very harmful side effects.People in the mad rush of being compliant become short term oriented , have a narrow focus and start concealing facts to indulge in unethical behavior.

“Ethical Fading” is a term coined by Simon Sinek in his book Infinite Game to mention the unethical short sighted behavior that individuals resort to in order to meet short term performance targets.This is the situation that results when people are pitted against each other.

Thus the need of a new motivational model in the modern day of the knowledge worker

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