“Type I” personalities the need of the hour

Type I personalities who are intrinsically motivated for achieving something larger than themselves are needed now more than ever before.

The following points list out why they outperform the extrinsically motivated and reward driven Type X personalities:

  1. Modern day right brain oriented work need people to be intrinsically motivated to arrive at results.Left brain oriented work can be stimulated by rewards not right brain oriented work
  2. Type I personalities always think about the long term whereas Type X personalities are selfish and are concerned with only short term benefits
  3. Type I behavior is a renewable resource and these are people with an abundant mentality who live to spread motivation as a disease keeping the long term perspective in mind
  4. Type I behavior is for the long term without paying too much heed to short term gain and failure and hence promotes greater physical and mental well being.

Adopted from Daniel Pink’s book Drive

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