Of Great Organizations whose “WHY” went fuzzy at some point of time

Great Organizations led by revolutionary infinite minded leaders always “Start With Why”.

Their communication is not only consistent but gives a clear sense of meaning to the customers which converts them into “loyal” customers.

Great examples are Sam Walton’s Walmart , Steve Jobs’s Apple , Bill Gates’s Microsoft , Michael Dell’s Dell as well as Henry Ford’s Ford Motors to name a few.

But even though these iconic organizations have “Started with Why” there have been instances wherein once the visionary leaders left the WHY also got fuzzy with their departure.

When John Sculley fired Steve Jobs’s and was at the helm of Apple , share prices plummeted and Apple was a shadow of its former self.

When Kevin Rollins succeeded Michael Dell , his finite minded leadership made the reason WHY Dell existed in the first place irrelevant.

Same holds good when Steve Ballmer succeeded Bill Gates at Microsoft.

The list goes on.The point here is that running an organization in the infinite game of life starting with WHY is never an easy proposition.Hence the succession planning in an organization becomes paramount when a visionary leaves.Whenever the WHY has gone fuzzy it has needed the return of an infinite minded leader to bring the organization back on track.

Dough Mcmillon’s infinite mindset turned back Walmart’s fortunes.

The same holds good when Steve Jobs’s returned back to Apple.

Adopted from Simon Sinek’s book Start With Why