These are the main reasons people are scared to adopt an “Infinite mindset”

An infinite mindset thinks of the long term without disregarding short term oriented results.

Such a mindset can be adopted by only a handful of visionary leaders due to the following major challenges:

  1. Adopting this mindset needs to overcome the inherent “fear” resistance of the “devil” or “limbic brain” since our brain is naturally oriented to oppose any change to status quo.
  2. Adopting this mindset encourages to NOT focus on “low hanging” short term gains but focus on long term gains instead
  3. Since this mindset is for the long term , seeing results may take quite some time and needs a lot of patience

As a result of the challenges associated with adopting this mindset , majority of the people are enticed to take short cuts to realize short term profits to realize the flow of “dopamine”

Concepts adopted from Simon Sinek’s book The Infinite Game


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